our mission:

Integrity, Care and Hard Work.

Built out of a passion for Accessible and Adaptive Living, Homestyle Builder Inc. is a full-service remodeling company. Founded by Peter Haack in 2008, Homestyle Builder Inc. was formed from the belief that everyone should be able to live in their home safely and comfortably for as long as they desire. With over 40+ years of experience in carpentry and residential remodeling, Peter is committed, along with his family, to create a home that meets your needs functionally as well as aesthetically.

Our mission is to help our clients build a better life, by making their home more functional for them. At the core of our business are three key principles that help us do just that—Respect, Integrity, and Honesty.


We respect you, your home, and your circumstances. We take our time to listen to both your needs and wants as we go through the remodeling process, taking into consideration your current situation and looking forward to your future needs.


Integrity is the backbone of our company as we set high standards for ourselves and our trade partners. to such as staying within budget, being available for questions and concerns, and using quality products by quality trade partners.


Honesty=Transparency. Our goal is to help our clients make the best decisions for their family while we go through this process together. This is expressed through a tangible design and detailed cost estimate, as well as open communication.

We Are Family. We Truly Care.

Homestyle Builder is a family owned and operated company. Peter, Geniene, and Karina Haack are here to serve you as we all work together to bring a fresh perspective to make your house work for you.

Peter A. Haack Universal Design & LIP Certified Professional
Geniene Haack Office Administrator
Karina Haack Public Relations/Copywriter

Our Approach? Serving you.

Our process revolves around you and your family. What you need and want from your house is important to us.

Serving You

Tell Us About Your Needs.

Taking that step to remodel your home is a big one. It’s challenging and scary at times, but the promise of a safe and comfortable home for your family is a big payoff.

Your Needs
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