Success Stories:

They Put Their Trust in Us.

Every client, caregiver, and family member that have come into our lives have impacted us. From hearing their stories to working with them during the remodeling process, we have learned so much from them. They have challenged us, trusted us, and become friends.

These are their success stories. Stories of what the remodeling process was like and how, together, we tackled the challenges that cropped up. Because we work together with our clients, we are able to design and remodel the house they need the home they want.


Galley kitchens aren’t the most functional—but for this couple it was an especially tight space. With no formal dining area, it was impossible for the two of them and their dog to occupy the same space let alone host anyone else. Read more about this Minneapolis house and the adventure of the zoning committee to get a full glimpse on how we got things done.

Max and Norma.

Life changes are always hard, whether they are the good or the bad kind. This client needed a basement remodel so that her son could move back in and comfortably have his own space. Take a look at this job where we redid the bathroom, bedroom, and living space.

Stephen Thell.

How do you make a two-story townhouse with a U-shaped stairway wheelchair accessible? That was the question Peter and Geniene had to ask themselves when they got the call to work on this veteran’s townhome. Through careful planning and creative design, they were able to take this once inaccessible townhouse and make it into a safe and comfortable home for their client.

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