Success Story:

Stephen Thell

Most phone calls we receive are from veterans who have heard of us through word-of-mouth at the Veteran’s Administration. We’ve been blessed to find many friends there as we continue to work on projects under the VA Grant Programs. Stephen was among those that we are happy to not only work for, but to develop a relationship with. And he was just as friendly as Peter and Geniene told me he would be when our photographer and I went to visit him in his newly remodeled townhouse: “I love [Peter and Geniene]. I’m going to have them coming back to work on the top level.”

When working with a VA grant, there are specific requirements that must be met. Most of these are to remove barriers so that the veteran can safely live in their home now and into the future. Stephen had a list of needs that were required from both the VA and for himself.

Needs such as:

  1. Garage for year-round entry and access
  2. Accessible bathroom designed to meet personal hygiene/grooming needs and aesthetic tastes
  3. Zero-step wheelchair access to the backyard/pet area and second floor deck
  4. Stair glide for access between the first and second floor
  5. Garage ramp to get from the car into the house with a wheelchair
  6. Flooring that would hold up to a wheelchair

Stephen wanted his home to give him the freedom and independence to live safely: “I wanted to make sure I could get out in the event something happens,” Stephen said when we were walking through the garage to view his new ramp.

The whole concept of the remodel was based on living an independent life with dignity so he could take care of himself and his pets.

From the way our electricians were able to move an out of place spotlight and incorporate bar lights that Stephen found to customizing the automatic door that opens to the garage, everything was custom fit for him and his life.

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