Success Story:


“It sounds like you’re super happy with it.”

“Oh, yeah. Super happy!”

In 2015-2016, we worked on building an addition for the Herwigs, a theatre arts couple who desperately needed more space on the back of their duplex. “Our place is more complicated because it’s a duplex,” they started. Multi-family homes have to go through a zoning hearing anytime you want to make a change to the outside of the building, such as the addition we had started designing for them.

We ran into another snag when it came time to pick the siding. The original siding of the house is old asbestos siding (which is no longer available). The Herwigs found an option that was as similar to the original as they could get. However, since there would be a difference between the two sidings, they needed approval from the Zoning and Planning board for both the siding and the color of the siding (it all had to be one color). Peter went with the Herwigs to the hearing and presented before the board the “why” behind the decisions: “He was very charming because even the people of the panel of the city zoning hearing were—they kind of started laughing at each other like ‘I think we can let these people have their siding.’”

After the zoning hearing was complete, the actual work for the project could begin. Before the remodel, you opened the door and you were immediately at the dining room table. To build the perfect space for the couple, we had to look at their needs for the space.

What the Herwigs Needed:

  1. A protected entrance to their living space
  2. More space in their kitchen
  3. A dining room
  4. Closet space for coats and storage for skis and other outdoor equipment

The original kitchen was a tiny galley with barely enough room for one person let alone two and the dog. “We lived in right angles […] now it’s like we can chase the dog around the table,” Mr. Herwig said.

After listening to them share about their experience with the remodel, it was obvious that they loved the space. They had always wanted a gathering place for friends and family—a place they could cook together without bumping into each other—a place to host. “We have, like, people over. It’s amazing. That was a big thing for us because we love having people over for dinners, and parties, and stuff. It would always just be sort of crammed and people couldn’t be in the same area.”

The finish product was a beautiful kitchen and dining area that the Herwigs made their own. In fact, one of our contractors found postcards from 1917 in the wall. The couple transcribed and framed them—they now sit on the wall next to the closet right as you walk into the duplex.

It was fun to work with this artistic couple to create a unique living space. 

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