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Taking that step to remodel your home is a big one. It’s challenging and scary at times, but the promise of a safe and comfortable home for your family is a big payoff.

SAH Info

The Special Adaptive Housing (SAH) is a grant for veterans with a disability directly related to their service. With this grant, veterans can remodel their existing or new home to improve the safety and comfort of their living situation. Whether it’s bathroom remodels or chair ramps and stair lifts, this grant is designed to help veterans in need. For more information about application details, please visit the VA SAH page. Paralyzed Veterans of America is another excellent resource to help you discover any benefits available to you.

Adaptive Remodeling/LIP

As you and your family change, your house needs to change with you. Living in Place is for those whose house no longer fits their family’s needs. From small upgrades to major remodels, there are many ways to improve how you are able to use your home. As your circumstances change, let us help remodel your home so that it works for you. Living in Place is the next step in creating a safe haven for you and your family.

Interior Remodeling

So, you’ve bought a house. Maybe it was years ago. Maybe it was last week. You’ve noticed that some things don’t fit your current needs or wants. Maybe you loved the family room, but the windows don’t bring enough light do it justice. The kitchen layout is perfect, but it’s just not big enough for family gatherings. Houses become homes when we add unique touches to the design. Whether the house is new to you or yours throughout the years, every home deserves a little TLC. At Homestyle Builder, it’s all about the house you need, the home you want.

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At Homestyle Builder, we don’t just assess your current needs and remodel your home, we look for ways to help you.

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