Success Story:

Max and Norma

“They’ve been great to work with. They’re pretty cool people,” Max tells me when I introduce myself as the daughter of Peter and Geniene Haack, the owners of Homestyle Builder. Max and Norma were our clients in 2017 when they had to make an abrupt change to their lives: Max was moving back in with his mother. The remodeling project was therefore about giving both Max and Norma the independence and privacy they both wanted while making sure the space was safe, comfortable, and accessible.

“From a functionality point of view, I was living a very different life. Not having to crawl to things is very exciting, but [Peter and Geniene] did a really good job of walking us through [the process], and its options, and just listening,” Max said.

This project was special to us in a number of ways: both Max and Norma were a delight to work with, and by tapping into Max’s artistic abilities and eye for detail, the project became a visually stunning project. Max’s space needed to reflect him, his personality, and his aesthetic. 

Another thing that made this a special project was the fact that we had to meet the needs of not one but two members of the family:

Max’s Needs:

  1. Chair lift to lower level
  2. Landing/railing in garage for safer access
  3. Bathroom that would work for current and future needs
  4. Bedroom/closet to work with wheelchair/walker/cane
  5. Flooring that would not impede movement

Norma’s Needs:

  1. A safe and independent space for her son
  2. Privacy: separate spaces for both Max and Norma so that they could live their lives together and yet separately and with dignity

Remodeling the basement for Max gave both himself and Norma their own space while making sure that needs were met. There was already a guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs, but unfortunately, it wasn’t designed to help Max live more freely. In redesigning the area, Peter took space from the bedroom closet and added the two extra feet to the bathroom to make it accessible.

Max wanted a space he could call his own, a space that represented who he is while meeting his needs. He wanted to create a space that was wheelchair friendly, spoke of independence, gave both himself and his mother their own privacy, and showed his own creativity.

Max and Norma made this a wonderful project from start to finish. We are grateful for the opportunity to stretch our wings and design something truly unique and beautiful.

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