Slip Resistant Flooring

Different flooring has different affects on whoever is using it. Luckily experts are now using Acutest to measure and categorize which flooring have a higher slip resistance and which do not. Rooms such as entryways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms that experience more water should all have flooring that can handle the slip and slide it causes.

DCOF (the Dynamic Coefficient of Friction measurement) uses the Acutest to determine which tiles can stand up against slippery environments when something or someone is moving across it. If the tile has a rating of .42 or greater, the slip resistance is deemed acceptable and safer.

COF (Coefficient of Friction), in turn, measures slip resistance for stationary objects. The USA Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires the rating to be a .5 or greater. Though the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires a horizontal surface to be .6 or greater, while inclines need to be at least a .8.

The right flooring can either keep you safe or make life a bit more difficult. Make sure you check out the COF and DCOF of your tiles before you choose.

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