Upgrade Your Home’s Style With LED

Save Money By Changing Your Home Lighting to LED Bulbs

Homeowners can save money annually by switching their home lighting and using LED light bulbs. As LED lights get increasingly more affordable, the time has never been better to switch your home lighting to LED. The ALA (American Lighting Association) recently released a report comparing LED lighting to incandescent lighting. They found that LED light bulbs are 4X more reliable, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Lower Energy, Lower Wattage, More Savings.

With LED wattage considerably lower than an incandescent bulb, the excess amount of energy needed to power other light bulbs transfers into savings once LED light bulbs are installed. LED lighting uses one fifth of the energy of a typical light bulb. According to Xcel Energy, the typical Minnesota homeowner (with an average “light-on time” of 5 hours per day) could save over $40.00 each month by switching to LED lighting. LED lighting is considerably more cost efficient than if you were to use both Incandescent and CFL bulbs.

LED Lighting Great For Outdoors.

LED lights also can be used outside for Christmas light decorations, or a garage flood/safety light. Quit stressing out about lights being left on! Don’t worry anymore about a high-energy bill, call Homestyle Builder to make sure your home is a lean, green, low-wattage, LED-lit energy efficient machine!

Upgrade Your Home’s Style By Switching To LED Lighting

In the LED lighting world, the technology is progressing so rapidly LED lights are becoming cost efficient for everyone. The technological energy revolution has not only paved the way for energy efficient LED lights to save homeowners large quantities of money on their energy bills, it now gives homeowners the capacity to recreate the look and feel of both modern and vintage lighting styles in their home

Get Your Home Lighting Colored To Your Preference With LED!

LED lighting fixtures come in a variety of color temperatures allowing the homeowner to decide the color of light that the bulbs in the home will be emitting. To recreate the warm yellow look of traditional incandescent lighting, homeowners should consider LED’s with a color temperature from 2500K to 3000K. For a more modern look, LED light in the 5000K-6000K color temperature range should work great for homeowners. LED lighting allows each home to attain the style of light they desire offering a color temperature range so vast consumers can buy any style of lighting they so desire. From LED’s with the warm light of a small candle to LED’s with a crisp blue light like the sun on a cool morning, there isn’t any other lighting style with such a vast color range.

LED Lighting Now Manufactured In Any Style

The color of light isn’t the only thing that LED’s have to attribute their style too. New LED Filament bulb designs allow LED lights to take on the look and shape of pretty much any light bulb style throughout history! From the typical shape of an incandescent light bulb, to minuscule outdoor Christmas Lights, even a modern-day crystal chandelier, there is no light bulb, or lighting fixture, that new LED light bulb technology cannot replicate. LED lighting technology even goes so far to offer LED lighting in bulbs that have been coated with different translucent paints to replicate vintage, and yes, even the original “Edison style”, light bulbs.

Call Homestyle Builder today to get the LED lighting style you desire for your home! Your home, your style.

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