Veteran’s Day 2019

It’s November, a time of pumpkin pie, debating about how early you can play Christmas music, and Thanksgiving. This is a time to sit around the table and give thanks to our family, to our friends, and to our security.

Yet, only one day a year do we fully dedicate time to veterans who have served our country and provided for our freedom.

1919, the Great War had ended. Soldiers who had experienced the worst of humanity were coming home—finally. But their war wouldn’t be over yet. Shell Shock, as it was called back then, would affect 80,000 British soldiers.

271,000 U.S. veterans who served in the Vietnam war may still experience PTSD. According to the Veterans Administration, about 15% of Vietnam vets are currently diagnosed. About 11-20% of veterans who served in the Iraq War have PTSD.  And now a new generation of veterans and soldiers are affected by the horrors of new battles for freedoms our country enjoys by their willingness and sacrifices to protect them.

“War is Hell,” as they say. And there are lasting affects and consequences that society isn’t prepared to deal with, let alone those who served for us.

However, it’s November. And we would like to express our thanks to all of our veterans as well as their families.

We are especially grateful to the Veterans and their families we have been privileged to get to know.  You have willingly shared your stories, both the good times and the painful memories that are just a moment or a pause in the conversation.

So, thank you with for your service, dedication, and for the sacrifice.

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