Living in Place & Adaptive Remodeling

Living in Place is a set of principles based around the idea that everyone can live in their home as long as they wish no matter the circumstances. These principles take the ADA recommendations and expand them to fit modern families and residential homes. Because ADA recommendations were made to be the minimum requirements for commercial properties, they don’t necessarily provide the solutions for the difficulties you may face in your home. We use these principles as a lens to see the potential of your home. These principles include:

  1. Accessibility: eliminating stairways, roll-in shower, reachable cabinets, etc.
  2. Comfort: the flow of the house, good windows, proper heating and cooling systems, etc.
  3. Safety: non-slip floors, a structurally sound house, even floors, etc.

Adaptive Remodeling has the same principles as living in place but with a focus on senior citizens who would like to remain in their homes or move in with family members instead of a co-op or a Senior Living Facility. We believe that as you age, moving out of your home with its memories and its comfort isn’t always the best solution. In fact, we believe that with a couple of small fixes your home can become a safe and comfortable home for you and your family once again.

We’ve Been There:

We have personal experiences with Adaptive Remodeling with Geniene’s parents. We remodeled and adapted our own home so that they could remain close to us during their last couple of years. We wanted them to be around their grandchildren, to be together, and to continue to make memories with them in the comfort of a home safely adapted to fit their needs. We look through the lens of our own experience of Adaptive Remodeling and multi-generational living when we meet with you and work together on your remodel.

We Will Discuss Your Needs:

When we begin each project with a discussion concerning how your home is working for you and what your concerns are, taking into consideration your current needs but also your future needs. We want the project to last you as long as you need it. If your circumstances change, your home is already ready for you without any additional work.

SAH Info

The Special Adaptive Housing (SAH) is a grant for veterans with a disability directly related to their service.

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Interior Remodeling

Homes are expressions of ourselves and our families. From interior décor to the layout of your home, all of these elements show what is important to you.

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