Special Housing Adaptation

Our work for veterans is very important to us. Geniene comes from a family whose military service includes her grandfather, uncles, and father all serving their country during WWI and WWII respectively. Crippled with severe arthritis in his forties, Geniene’s grandfather had a difficult time living his life after his years of service. Our son and his three best friends are active duty military and we hope there will be a support system, and people willing to do this work, should any of them need it.

We became aware of the grants available to veterans after completing a home for a friend diagnosed with ALS. His wife discovered that she could apply for the SAH grant to receive funds to help with the specific items/areas (i.e. bathroom and egress). Ever since then we have been fortunate to find ourselves working on SAH (Special Adaptive Housing), HISA (Home Improvement and Structural Alterations), SHA (Special Housing Adaptation) projects where we have met such wonderful people and their families. We are honored to work with them to make their house safe and accessible.

We Know the VA:

We’ve worked on many projects for veterans with ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, TBI, spinal cord injuries, and amputees. From our experience, our team has learned the ins-and-outs of the Veteran’s Administration, how to complete construction paperwork and the regulations needed for grant approval. Homestyle Builder comes alongside of you with our expertise and knowledge to help you use these grants to make your home safe and accessible.

Looking to the Future:

At Homestyle Builder, we don’t just assess your current needs and remodel your home for the present, we look to the future. We want to make sure that the remodel is one that will last throughout the coming years that if anything happens (medical, situational, etc.), your house will still continue to serve you well.

Adaptive Remodeling/LIP

As you and your family change, your house needs to change with you.

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Interior Remodeling

Homes are expressions of ourselves and our families. From interior décor to the layout of your home, all of these elements show what is important to you.

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