Home Remodeling Services

There are few things more stressful to live through than renovating your home. There is the inconvenience, the mess and the many strangers coming and going. If the project involves a kitchen or bathroom, careful planning needs to take place to insure that you are able to resume “normal” living as quickly as possible. And you want to know that the people coming into your home will treat both you and your home with care and respect. Peter has 35 years of experience and expertise in remodeling existing homes. Everything from small bathroom fixes, finished basements, attics, decks, season rooms and kitchens priced from a few thousand dollars to over $500,000. He has worked on homes with “Historical site” designation, homes whose walls were insulated with newspaper and everything in between. Homestyle Builders is EPA Certified to deal with lead paint.
A recent project included helping a homeowner restore her home that was water damaged by a bathroom pipe failure. The entire finished basement had to be gutted to the bare studs and restored. The main floor of the rambler included the bottom four feet of most of the inner walls and all the flooring. Working together with the Insurance Company, she was able to make some positive changes, bring older systems up to code and get back into her restored home. Working with you to design and implement your decisions, hiring excellent sub-contractors and providing high quality carpentry are just part of the services. Peter is able to keep the whole project in mind while focusing as needed on the small details. He will be with you from design to the completed project. His experience as a carpenter helps to insure that his designs don’t just look good, they will work for everyone involved in the construction project.

Accreditations & Associations

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